Sailing School

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Learning to sail for the first time is great fun!

All our sailing courses start each day with a theory session, followed by an exciting on-the-water training.
Most newcomers to sailing will take this complete course, providing the skills to sail solo, with friends or compete in Lebanon championship.

Each level is a total of 12 hours & costs $ 550.

Level 1:
  • Rigging the sailboat (including 4 knots).
  • Basic theory (boat parts, navigation terminologies).
  • Capsizing and putting the boat straight again.
  • Sailing the boat on your own while following the speed boat & the instructor’s directions.
  • Making a tack (turn up wind).
Level 2:
  • Theory ( navigation, wind).
  • Differentiating between tacking & jibbing.
  • Going up wind and down wind.
Level 3:
  • Theory ( the sailing conditions & the sail stand).
  • Practicing the tack and the jibe by using two buoys.
Level 4:
  • Theory (rules & standard procedures on water).
  • Practicing to improve the sailing skills.
  • Navigating on your own (setting out your own route to sail to a specific point).

Happy Sailing!

Please note that all boat passengers must submit their IDs upon registration.